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Suno Records

Got stems?

we can master them for you

we want you to be proud of the way your music sounds

Stem mastering is a great option for you if you want to make sure that your song stands out by giving a bit of extra control to the mastering engineer.

get a great sounding track!


Export your stems from your DAW, usually by group of instruments (Drums, Bass, Synths, Guitars, Vocals...)


Get a quote from us based on your needs. If it works for you then let's go for it!


We'll make your song sound clear and punchy, ready for you to upload it to any streaming service.

Alan Garcia has been mixing and mastering records for over 15 years, always trying to stay true to the artist's vision and bringing his taste to the audio leaving the speakers.

What our clients are saying

“Working with Alan at Suno Records is one hell of a good choice. The studio and equipment are great and Alan has an amazing talent as an engineer. For those looking for someone to do mixing or mastering of any project I can assure you that If you work with Alan you'll definitely want to come back. I sure do.” 

—  Manuel Velázquez

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